Monday, November 28

is umno racits? ask the people of malaysia

Is Umno racist? Ask the people of MalaysiaDeputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s assertion that UMNO is not racist and looks out for all Malaysians is mere political talk at a time when the 13th general election could see the toughest battle ever for the Malaysian political landscape.
Make no mistake, UMNO is out to win at all cost and this is powered by the greed of its many division chiefs who see the political party as a means to reap huge monetary rewards, once they get a seat on the gravy train. And this is why, there is constant infighting for position at an UMNO General Assembly. It is truly a dog-eat-dog race.
Non-Malay Bumi members
Although non-Malay Bumiputera also form a huge portion of the party membership, the fact is that key seats are basically reserved for the Malays. This is already causing unhappiness amongst the Bumi in Sabah Umno. So for Muhyiddin to shoot his mouth off with his absurd claim is not only disrespecting the intelligence of all Malaysians, but also disregarding and thereby insulting the feelings of the non-Malay Umno members.

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