Monday, April 18

Discriminated and sidelined, the Chinese desert BN


Discriminated and sidelined, the Chinese desert BNWhen throngs of Sarawakians flooded the streets of Kuching, Sibu, Miri, Sarikei and Bintulu to catch a glimpse of their Pakatan Rakyat leaders before polling day on 16th April, political analyst had already anticipated a major shift of votes to the opposition coalition in the urban areas.
Indeed, the attendances in PR’s public rallies were turned into votes. They managed to sweep almost all of the urban and semi-urban constituencies, with DAP winning 12 out of 15 areas it contested. PKR also managed to cap the opposition’s resurgence in Sarawak with wins in Batu Lintang, Ba’Kelalan and Krian.
The opposition alliance also saw 45 per cent of the voters throughout Sarawak voting for them, with Barisan Nasional suffering an 8 per cent plunge in terms of the popular vote. In the state elections at 2006, BN’s popular vote was at 62.93 per cent, but it dropped to 55.24 per cent in the recently concluded elections. This was mainly due to huge majorities garnered by the Pakatan at metropolitan constituencies.

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