Saturday, December 17

tak suprise pun,,tak terkejut pun

Tak terkejut pun apabila Harun Taib backing Hassan Ali. Sebab... mereka 'serupa' tapi tak sama.

Sorang ulama manakala sorang lagi professional. Sorang... dari Terengganu, sorang dari Selangor.

Aha... tapi cer teka?? Mengapa mereka 'serupa'??? Apa persamaan mereka??

Now, PAS ulamas voice support for Hasan Ali

The PAS ulama council has thrown its weight behind Selangor exco member Hasan Ali, despite talk that he may be dropped as an election candidate.

The council's chief Harun Taib told Umno-owned Utusan Malaysiathat there is no reason not to include Hasan, “who is a good and committed leader”, in the candidate's list for the upcoming general election.

“PAS and Harun will always need each other, meaning that PAS still needs him and he still needs PAS,” the daily reported today.

He also denied speculations that Hasan would not be fielded in the polls, as that decision is yet to be made by the party leadership.

"All these are incorrect (allegations), since when was he dropped?

"Now, we have yet to decide on the placement on our candidates.

"There is no reason for us to drop him,” said Harun 

The paper also reported that PAS Youth had previously expressed support for the embattled exco member for Islamic affairs.

Last week, Selangor PAS information chief Saari Sungib toldMalaysiakini that Hasan did not receive enough nominations to defend his state legislative assembly seat in Gombak Setia.

Hasan also came under fire from party vice-president Mahfuz Omar and secretary-general Mustafa Ali yesterday, after he said he was prepared to accept an invitation from Najib to discuss the issue of uniting Malays and Muslim, including PAS and Umno.-Mkini

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