Friday, January 7

Gobala should avoid screaming on Twitter

Gobala should avoid scrI am somewhat surprised, even shocked, to read some of the Twitter messages from Gobalakrishnan of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, who has been lambasting his idol Anwar Ibrahim.

While I respect Gobala's fortrightness in defending the poor, I can't help but suspect there is a tinge of MIC/BN-type racism in his attacks on Anwar. Is this not the sort of things that one could resolve easily by having face to face talk with Anwar, since Gobala is considered among the top leaders in PKR and therefore would only need to text Anwar on his personal mobile phone?

Why the need to text the whole Twitterjaya to drive home his point? Granted, whatever Gobala complained about may be valid, and granted, there are people in PKR who might not have the people's welfare in their hearts, but in this, Gobala as a seasoned PKR leader should be able to know when to pick his fights. Has he learnt anything from the Zaid Ibrahim saga? Zaid spoke too much, and instead of getting what he wanted, he became a victim of all sorts of accusation. Finally, he had to make those accusations true by quitting PKR and forming his own party.

Gobala has been with the Reformasi struggle from day one, and he is well placed among people like Tian Chua and Azmin Ali, both of whom have displayed a commitment to sink or swim. (Well, at least now. Judging by the sudden-ness of defection, one can never be sure!)

As such, Gobala should use his close contact to resolve the problems of the estate workers which he highlighted. It will be more effective, because when politicians use Twitter to drive home a point, they always come under suspicion of having a different agenda
eaming on Twitter

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