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BN at a crossroads: Either Umno changes or components must leave


BN at a crossroads: Either Umno changes or components must leaveAs Malaysians feel sore from the results of the Sarawak Election, let us stop to ponder at the future ahead of us. Although, Pakatan Rakyat has failed to whipped up a Tsunami this time against the raging tide of the Blue Wave, let us not be disappointed at the outcome.
Pakatan Rakyat has done well. Statistically, with the current tally of BN-4 seats and PR-11 seats since the last General Election, it is a victory for Pakatan Rakyat.
Pakatan Rakyat has mustered 7 extra seats leading to 7 more representatives in state Parliament bringing it to a total of 75 seats is amazing. It also negates the number of Frogs that has jumped since. Isn’t that a cause for celebration?
A big blow for Najib
For Najib, it is a big blow to his administration as he is 7 seats down after all the hard work since the 2008 General Election. This does not go down well for BN at all. In the near future if BN continues to lose another one or two more seats, it will be a Nightmare for Najib’s administration.

Pakatan Rakyat definitely has a cause for celebration. DAP is at its peak after constant rejection by the people in the last 30 years. People are starting to recognize and have faith in the DAP once more.
PKR has also scored, struggling against the onslaught of the mighty BN machinery and the future of PKR looks promising. Agreeing that PKR could have done better if the playing field was leveller, PKR has proven itself as a party acceptable to the People.
PAS, however, has to do some soul searching on its past record and election strategies. The mainstream media had painted a very repulsive picture of PAS in the past and the stigma has not fallen off. Certain members still have minds of their own, and seem unable to work together with the Central Committee for the common good.
Their radical protests in the past have not done much to maintain PAS’s reputation, and sad to say there are still many who do not understand PAS principles and many continue to harbour reservations about the party. PAS should identify these shortcomings and transform quickly enough to rebuff such thinking.
Putrajaya is actually more likely now
For PR to attain its goal to march to Putrajaya is not impossible. They have been too complacent in the past, satisfied with their spoils of five states to rule. Their guard had been compromised leading the Prized State of Perak being wrested from right under their noses. PR should have learnt from the past that they cannot afford to let their guard down again.
Malaysians continue to look on, wondering when Change is going to happen. They are impatient, and occasionally they seek news of an advancing Opposition scoring and cracking through the defences of the Ruling Coalition. But it is not enough. Pakatan Rakyat themselves cannot exact change. It is the people themselves that have to make this change.
If everyone sympathetic to the Cause were to take a day off to identify a fence sitter and campaign to him, overnight we will have a million new supporters. Secondly, if everyone takes the trouble to coax only one person to take up membership in one of Pakatan Rakyat’s coalition parties, overnight there will be an extra million members. That will account for 2 million extra people who will be loyal to the cause. How hard can that be? Have we tried? Sincerely, we do not even need 2 million to achieve our goal. Only 300 thousand extra votes would have made the difference.
So while we sit and lick at our imaginary wounds, putting on a sour face at the results of the Sarawak Election, let’s ask ourselves that if Change is really what we want, why are we not Working harder for it? Why are we just sitting and talking about it? Change really does matter because Ibrahim Ali is getting louder, Najib is getting richer and Rosmah is buying more gowns. Also, Taib is cutting down more trees.
Stupid waste of money
Raja Petra Kamaruddin of Malaysia Today can continue writing for 100 years on weblog, but his message won’t come across with such impact as a 20 minute interview on TV3. That’s the power of mainstream media.
But so what. In the end, the BN lost 8 per cent of popular vote to the Pakatan. Now that's SERIOUS!
It shows that all the glorified bloggers in the world, RPK or no RPK, the DNA, Sodomy I and II, Datuk Trio and Omega watches only create a backlash of disgust for the perpetrators. Guess who? What a waste of their money, it really makes them look as foolish as they really are.
BN has APCO and RPK, but what do we have? APCO is a RM77 million think tank that will bulldoze all PR’s efforts to execute changes. The losses in Sarawak for BN has put APCO in an embarrassing position. They won’t make the same mistake again ... but that's what they said the last time.
And with MCA,MIC and Gerakan completely barred from playing a role in BN, one can see that UMNO has become an arrogant ogre, impatient and implementing radical changes without due consultation from its 12 component parties.
Recent religious flare-ups and racial controversies are left to linger, without the Government sweeping it up. As for 1Malaysia? It was always a mirage to begin with and has now evaporated for Good.
Najib cannot afford to delay the next General Election. Every day, he delays is seen as a bonus for Pakatan Rakyat. But Pakatan Rakyat is only an entity and it can't win the election by itself.
It needs the people and the people must help themselves. They cannot expect to sit at home and expect Magic to drop from the Sky.

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