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Himpun draws only 5,000, signalling Umno's scare-mongering days are over


Himpun draws only 5,000, signalling Umno's scare-mongering days are overThe Umno-backed Himpun anti-apostasy rally fell flat with a mere 5,000 people attending the gathering held at the Shah Alam Stadium in Selangor. Dubbed a Gathering of One Million Muslims.
Several Selangor Umno leaders including Ezam Mohd Noor had tried to ride an anti-apostasy wave they believed would result from the Sultan's recent controversial decision over the Jais-DUMC raid.
But they failed badly and this signals their lack of personal appeal to voters, especially Ezam for whom Najib has plans to make the Selangor Mentri Besar should he succeed in toppling the Pakatan Rakyst state government.
"This is a telling sign for Umno. Their scare monegring doesn't work just like the MCA's and the Gerakan's against the Chinese. Now, Umno too has lost its hold on the Malays and yet they are still in denial," Bukit Gantang MP Nizar Jamaluddin told Malaysia Chronicle.

Apostasy on the rise, says Himpun

Indeed, Pakatan Rakyat's PAS, PKR and DAP had decided to give the rally a miss. As Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim explained, Himpun was unnecessary because there was no threat of Christianisation in Malaysia.
Nonetheless, the Himpun organisers claimed that apostasy was on the rise and have called for specific anti-apostasy laws to deal with cases of proselytisation of Muslims.
“We feel that the existing laws are not enough to curb apostasy. There have been proven cases of proselytisation, but we find it strange that no action has been taken,” Himpun chairman Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid told reporters after the rally.
At the rally, Himpun initiated a 10-point declaration to address the issue and plans to submit the document to the King by next week.
Asked about the dismal turnout, Mohd Azmi insisted the gathering was a “landmark for the unity of Islam”.
Malaysia Chronicle

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